Sheila Rew

Sheila leads worship at The Open Door Church with her ability to play the piano by ear and sing as a gift directly from the Holy Spirit.  She has never had a music lesson. in 2003, worship songs began to “drop” from Heaven and are sang in our worship services!  Sheila’s CD, “More Than Enough”, features 11 of those songs and she showcased two at the IMC Awards show on the TBN stage in Hendersonville, TN 2010.  Sheila is a native of Colorado, born in Grand Junction and has lived in the Rifle area since 1966.  Her greatest desire is to lead God’s people into the throne room to experience His presence!! Sheila invites you to join us in worship!

Key team members.

Del Whittington

Senior Pastor

Sheila Rew

Worship Leader